Top 7 Email Marketing Tips


Email marketing is a complicated process but it can be a powerful relationship building tool. Therefore, if you are considering implementing email marketing program or you are currently using one but still underperforming, the following Top 7 Email Marketing Tips assures an improvement in email marketing techniques.

  1. Ensure that the email has obvious links

The main purpose of an email list is to increase traffic to the product page, landing page or the website. Without links that lead to the website, the users will not convert to customers or sign-ups. The only way to accomplish this is by capitalizing every certain words so that the user is compelled to click. Include a lot of links in the email and ensure that they actually look like links by using strong call to action like click here.

  1. Minimize the use of images

Most of email recipients do not see the images which are included in the mail, which means that including an image is just a waste of space. Consider using well coded html instead of image and you should never send an email that contains a single big image and certainly do not embed the message to an image such that for a user to get the message or complete the action you want, he or she has to open the image.

  1. Make it easy to unsubscribe

If a user gets frustrated when figuring out how to remove their email address from your list, they might just flag all the emails as spam. This will certainly damage the sender’s reputation which will make it difficult to get any email into the inbox of the user.

  1. Keep the text short and easy to scan

Most users do not read all the text in a received mail, they just scan through the document for the major points that they are interested in. Therefore, keep the text short, if possible, use bullet points and font bolding with different colors to highlight phrases or words that you want the client or user to capture.

  1. Keep the email list clean

There is no value to not making an effort in ensuring that you remove all the bad emails from your emails list. You should ensure that all email addresses not formatted correctly and the emails returned as non existent undeliverable or with full inbox are removed from the email list before the next send for a successful email marketing program.

  1. Send Test Emails before the Main List

There is nothing as bad as sending so many email only to find out that they all went to the spam folder or something in the email broke in Outlook’s preview pane or Hotmail’s email viewer. Therefore, before, sending all the mails, send the test version to test account of the big email providers, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail/ MSN/Live. If there any errors, you can begin to disassemble your email and correct the problem.

  1. Follow Spam Tips when sending Emails!

It is very important to follow all the steps of ensuring that the emails are not flagged as spam and removed from user’s inboxes. Follow the spam tips from the beginning of the email marketing and follow them every time you send. It can be tempting to send harder sales email against the spam tips but it only takes one spam email to keep you out of user’s inboxes for months or even years.

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